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Give me a break!

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2011 by mistyeyed61

     With all the news hype out there regarding the Penn State and Syracuse scandals, I am appalled at ESPN for the manner in which they handled this.

     ESPN crucified Joe Paterno for not doing more. I realize that all of the facts aren’t out yet as to what more Joe Paterno did, but we DO know, for a fact, that Joe immediately went to his superiors, one of which was the head of the campus Police Dept.! But that didn’t matter, ESPN still demanded for Joe Paterno to be fired. For what, lack of morals? Joe Paterno has more morals in his little finger than all of ESPN. I cannot believe, that DURING all of this, ESPN had hard EVIDENCE, on the alleged Syracuse scandal, and did NOTHING with it for 8 years! It wasn’t ESPN’s responsibility to corroborate the story or to have a voice analysis done, IT WAS THE JOB OF THE POLICE DEPT or the FBI! How dare you withhold evidence against a potential child molester WHILE relentlessly accuse others for lack of morals. Shame on you, ESPN!